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Our surgeons and care teams at Twin Cities Spine Center remain committed to you and your spine health. During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic when social distancing is so important for all of our health and well-being, we are pleased to offer telehealth virtual visits. Virtual visits allow contact with your provider through an online video session or phone call to discuss any changes, concerns or questions you have regarding your spinal condition, care and treatment.

You can take part in a virtual visit from the comfort of your own home. Twin Cities Spine Center staff will help prepare you for your visit and answer questions you might have about setting up and conducting the visit. Your insurance company will be billed for the appointment.

The goals of a virtual visit might include; remaining in contact about your current condition, understanding your test results, getting answers to any specific questions you have, and making a plan for your ongoing spine care. New patients may also schedule a telehealth virtual visit.

Our top priority is to protect your health and well-being. We hope that virtual visits give you options and peace of mind. For more information or to schedule a virtual visit, call our office at 612-775-6275. You may also click on the REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT link below.

What our Telehealth patients are saying*:

  • 97% Agreed or Strongly Agreed that it was easy to make a telehealth appointment.
  • 91% said the appointment started on time.
  • 98% Agreed or Strongly Agreed that the provider spent enough time with them on the appointment.
  • 95% felt that their questions or concerns were answered and they know the next step in their care plan.

*598 people responded to this survey.

If you have already scheduled a telehealth appointment with us, please complete the appropriate forms below and return them to us at least 1-2 business days prior to your appointment:

ODI form - Click to complete online if your appointment with us is for your BACK.

NDI form - Click to complete online if your appointment with us is for your NECK.

Patient intake form - If you are a NEW PATIENT to Twin Cities Spine Center, click to complete online.

Pain Diagram - If you are a NEW PATIENT to Twin Cities Spine Center, download and print this form to complete.

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