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The goal of this visit is to adequately assess your condition and create a plan for treatment. To be effective, previous spinal evaluation and treatment information is needed. Please ensure that all previous medical records are sent to Twin Cities Spine Center two weeks prior to your initial visit, or bring them to your appointment. If these medical records and scans are not available at the time of the initial visit, the appointment may need to be rescheduled.

Upon arrival at Twin Cities Spine Center, your information will be verified. The consent for treatment must be signed.

During the initial appointment:

  • A member of the physician's team reviews medical history and performs a physical examination. Team members may include a nurse clinician, physician's assistant, orthopedic fellow or resident.
  • Information is presented to the Twin Cities Spine Center physician. The physician also may discuss medical history, review records and perform a physical examination.
  • The patient receives an explanation of diagnosis and recommendations for ongoing care which may include nonoperative and operative treatments.
  • Additional diagnostic testing (MRI, CT, etc.) may be ordered.
  • Clinic staff provide instructions for follow-up procedures or appointments.

Allow for a minimum of two hours in your schedule. While this amount of time is not standard, we want you to be aware that it may at times be necessary. You will need time to complete paperwork, and sometimes our physicians may get behind schedule. (The complexity of patients' needs or emergency situations may necessitate longer appointments. We apologize in advance for any delays these changes may make in scheduled appointments.)

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