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Spinal Robots Program

Throughout our 70-year history of practicing, researching and teaching spine care and surgery, Twin Cities Spine Center (TC Spine) has always sought to lead, advance and improve the various methods and technologies used to deliver expert spine treatment and outcomes to patients. The latest of these advances is our use of robotics to increase precision during spine surgery. TC Spine surgeons are the first in the Twin Cities using the new Mazor XTM spinal robotic technology at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

Our expert surgeons are still the ones planning and performing the surgery. The spinal robot is a tool that our surgeons may utilize to assist them in pre-planning the surgery and executing that precise plan at the time of surgery. (Think of the surgeon as the driver of the vehicle and the robot as the GPS system.)

The Mazor XTM Surgical Robotic Guidance Platform:

  • Helps your surgeon with procedure planning by providing 3-D images of your anatomy.
  • Provides enhanced surgical predictability with robotic guidance.
  • Enables your surgeon to customize the approach to match your specific needs.

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