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Second Opinions

Have you been told you need spine surgery?

Would you like a second opinion from one of our spine surgeons?

Twin Cities Spine Center welcomes the opportunity to discuss your situation with you and provide education on your condition and options for your care.

It never hurts to seek a second opinion—especially from a specialist at a renowned center like ours, whose whole focus revolves around spine care. We're experts at diagnosing spine issues, and our patients tell us we're great at explaining complicated things in simple language.

Before you can make an informed decision on something like spine surgery, you need to understand all the facts, and all of the options. We can help.

When you request an appointment, be certain to let us know that you need a second opinion on surgery. You will be asked to bring your imaging with you to your appointment.

Call us at 612.775.6275 or request an appointment online.