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Care Philosophy

Your spine is central to your body, your movement and your life. So when your neck or back is causing you pain, numbness or dysfunction, it can be life-disrupting and concerning. The specialists at Twin Cities Spine Center are here to help.

We believe that you need to first understand the problem in order to make the best decisions about how to make it better. We strive to be your partner through listening, teaching and advising. We believe in individualized patient care based on each person's priorities and goals. We advocate a conservative approach to care—prioritizing the least invasive treatments first. In fact, the large majority of our patients will not require spine surgery.


The first step is based in listening. We ask you to share your history and concerns with us. We ask questions to help us understand what you are experiencing as closely as possible. We seek to listen with the goal of truly hearing and understanding what your spine experience and challenges have been.


Once we've heard your history and concerns, we perform an orthopedic exam and review any diagnostic imaging you may have already had. If additional diagnostic tests or exams are needed, we will arrange for those. Our extensive experience with all spine-related conditions makes us experts in the area of diagnosis. This is an important step in your care, since the success of any planned treatment is dependent upon making an accurate diagnosis. Experience matters, and we have the experience.

Teach and Explain

In order to truly partner with you to address your spine problems, we need to fully explain your diagnosis in a way that you understand. We won't talk over you or talk down to you. Our goal is to give you the information you need about general anatomy of the spine as well as about your specific condition. When you understand your spine diagnosis and the cause of it, you are in a better place to evaluate the various options for treatment.

Discuss Options

Treating thousands of spine patients every year gives us perspective on what works. At the same time, we realize that each person is unique and has different expectations and goals. We will discuss the various treatment options with you and take the time to fully answer your questions.

Treatment Plan

Together, we can determine a treatment plan. If your problem isn't surgical, we'll connect you with the non-surgical resources we feel are the best for your specific situation. When you leave our clinic, we want you to understand and be confident in your plan.

Care and Support

Your care team will provide ongoing answers to your questions. We're just a phone call or portal message away. We want you to know that we care about your outcome—being able to return safely to the activities that you love.