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Waiting for my spine surgery, what can I do?

Were you all ready for your spine surgery and now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you have to wait? Frustrated? You are not alone. Sitting at home waiting for your surgery can be frustrating and leave you feeling helpless. Our team of orthopedic spine surgeons at Twin Cities Spine Center have provided some useful tips and suggestions for you during this challenging time of waiting.

What can I do for pain?

Our team suggests using intermittent ice and mild heat on your back, neck or other painful areas. You might also utilize over the counter medications as needed. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen can be very effective and are the most common medications for spine related pain. Use these as needed, following the instructions on the bottle. Talk to your primary care doctor if you have questions about medications.

Keeping active

Staying active in a safe way is vital to set yourself up to have the best possible outcome when you have your surgery. If you are able, now is a great time to go for a walk or do any at home strengthening exercises provided by your physical therapist, chiropractor or primary care doctor. Start slowly, and keep in mind these activities should not be painful. Some muscle soreness is okay, but slow down or stop if you begin to feel pain.

Healthy eating

Struggling not to eat your feelings? We get it, but moderation is key. Our surgeons suggest a well rounded diet, including plenty of vegetables and other sources of calcium for bone health. If you are not already taking calcium and vitamin D supplements, this may be a good time to talk to your primary care doctor about adding these to your routine.

Telehealth virtual visits are now available!

Telehealth virtual visits are available if you are experiencing new or worsening symptoms and would like to make an appointment with one of our providers. Please visit our website at or call our scheduling department at 612.775.6275.

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