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Visiting Physician Program

Internationally Recognized

Since the early 1970s, Twin Cities Spine Center (TC Spine) has sponsored a Visitor Program. Our program has hosted more than 175 physicians and medical students from the United States and around the world. This unique opportunity involves one to 12 months of observation in the operating room and in clinic with our surgeons.

Visitors observe surgery and attend clinics but are not involved in direct patient care. Physicians who visit for a period of six months or more are invited to participate in a research project.

Authorized visitors to TC Spine are accepted for the purpose of formal medical education.

When you arrive at TC Spine, you will be assigned a clinical rotation schedule. The selection of physicians for you to follow will be made based on your interests as described to us in your application, the length of time you will be here, and availability of staff physicians. Visitors may observe in the operating rooms but cannot "scrub in" or assist. They may attend clinics at the discretion of the faculty. Some patients request to see only their surgeon and requests for privacy are always respected. Visitors will not provide any direct patient care.

Visitors should attend all weekly teaching conferences and lectures held at TC Spine. Visitors may also attend the Gillette Children's Hospital weekly conference. Visitors are urged to make use of our libraries and teaching films, but they are not to photograph patients or x-rays.

Visitors who plan to be here at least six months are strongly encouraged to conduct a research project. Projects will be selected based on your interests and the length of time you will be here. Consideration will also be given to the other projects being conducted at TC Spine in order to avoid duplication of efforts. One of the surgeons will consult with you on your project. Research projects can be agreed upon prior to or shortly after your arrival. Please indicate your research interests in your initial application.

Those interested in applying and learning more about our Visitor Program should complete and email the Visiting Physician Program application to

TC Spine does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, height, weight, marital status or familial status in its programs, activities or in employment.