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Try these bone-building exercises

Your bones love a good workout. Pick out a few weighty workouts with this graphic, and show your bones some love this Osteoporosis Awareness Month.

Osteoporosis occurs if bone loss happens at a pace your body can't match with its bone-building activities. Exercise can help. Your fitness routine can keep your bones strong—and it could boost strength, coordination and balance too.

Consider these three exercises your bones might enjoy: high-impact weight-bearing exercises, low-impact weight-bearing exercises and muscle-strengthening exercises.

Exercises best for strong bones

Weight bearing: High impact


Jumping rope

Jogging or running

Weight bearing: Low impact

Using elliptical machines

Using stair-step machines

Fast walking, indoors or out

Muscle strengthening

Lifting weights

Using elastic exercise bands

Using weight machines

* Ask your doctor which kinds of exercise to try. And know this: If you have osteoporosis, high-impact exercises might not be right for you.

Sources: National Institutes of Health; National Osteoporosis Foundation

Always talk with your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine. That is especially true if you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. Some exercises could up your risk of breaking a bone. If you're a senior, learn more about exercise and aging by taking our quiz.

reviewed 2/20/2018

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