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Tips for Reducing Sciatica Pain

Have you had pain that’s radiating into your leg? You may be experiencing sciatica. There are multiple causes for sciatica but typically it’s a result of a pinched nerve in the lower back. Given some time, often your sciatica can improve on its own. While you’re waiting to see if things will get better, here are a few tips from Twin Cities Spine Center's Adam Robinson, PA-C, to help you manage your symptoms:

  • Try taking over the counter pain medications that have been okayed by your primary care doctor.
  • Use ice and heat on your back and buttock.
  • Keep moving; staying sedentary for too long can lead to worsening pain. It’s okay to remain active while you’re having pain but avoid activities that make your symptoms worse.

Not all sciatica will go away on its own, so if your pain goes on for more than 6 weeks you should consider being evaluated. Also, if you are experiencing weakness, disabling pain, or significant impairment of your mobility, you should see your health care provider immediately for further guidance.