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Tianna's Spine Story

My name is Tianna and I am 26 years old with a very handsome little 6 year old son.

He is extremely active and we love to play all kinds of sports and be outside together!

We are a very active family with a big sports background. We love to get out there

and try new things or just joke around on the trampoline.

Please describe how the pain you were experiencing before surgery was affecting your life:

At the age of 15 I was in AAU track and AAU volleyball (both nationwide traveling) when I injured my L4-L5. It was a herniated disc that put me out of my both of my sports seasons. In the end it hindered me from playing in college and I was crushed. When the pain was at its worst 10 years ago, I couldn’t touch my toes, put my shoes on, or look down without pain. I went through years of physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, epidurals (cortisone shots), prescription pain killers, home remedies, you name it. Fast forward and the past 3 years were extremely tough on me because I developed terrible sciatica (especially in my left leg) and had chronic pain every day. I couldn’t lay flat on my back, sit for too long, nor enjoy exercise without pain. Plus, I had a little guy who thought everything was his personal jungle gym, and it was hard for me to keep up.

What was your experience like at TC Spine?

Back surgery is a pretty serious/scary decision to make (especially for someone in their 20s) but I knew it was time since I had exhausted all other options. I sought out a few other opinions to make sure that this surgery was the right choice. Once I went to my consultation at TC Spine with Dr. Mehbod I knew they were the ones! Dr. Mehbod was just so sweet and actually made me really confirm that this is what I wanted to do. He also took the time to educate and show me digitally the procedure. I really appreciated how personable he was.

I received spine surgery in June of 2022 for a discectomy of my L4-L5. I received care from Dr. Amir Mehbod and his team; Jodie Valento (Medical Executive Assistant), Arlene Ferry (RN), and Mike Eckroth (PA-C). I received absolute excellent care! Surgery day was great, I was in and out within 6 hours. Post-surgery I bugged the team multiple times with questions and pictures to make sure I wasn’t going to lose my cute toes or anything (because my foot was a little numb, lol). They were extremely patient with me and gave me tons of reassurance during my healing process! Each one of them was so personable and that is such an amazing thing considering a lot of doctors aren’t like that anymore in our busy world. Five months post op and I’m doing amazing, huge shout out to them! I’m very happy and blessed, I highly recommend TC Spine!

How has your life changed since your surgery?

I credit them with my happier outlook because I’m finally now pain free! I can’t believe I lived with that much pain for so long and thought it was "normal," and that I thought that because I was so young it "couldn't be that bad". I honestly wish I would’ve done it sooner. I can exercise pain free. I can lay flat on my back. No more sciatica. Complete nerve function in my legs. I’m sleeping better. I’m emotionally better, and I’m able to be a better more active (pain free) mother to my child. Thanks TC Spine!