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Scoliosis: What parents should know

When your child is diagnosed with scoliosis, it can be a very scary and unsettling time. The good news is that most kids with scoliosis grow up to lead active, normal lives. Dr. Eduardo Beauchamp, a spine surgeon at Twin Cities Spine Center, specializes in pediatric spine conditions. He shares why he is passionate about pediatric scoliosis, and he has some advice for parents with a child recently diagnosed with this condition.

What makes you passionate about pediatric scoliosis?

I am passionate about pediatric scoliosis because I know that we have the ability to make a life-changing and lasting impact on my patient's health and quality of life. As a scoliosis spine surgeon, I have the privilege of helping patients with a wide array of pathology ranging from mild to severe scoliosis. Our aim is to provide the best, most comprehensive care for these patients, whether it be through periodic observation with serial radiographics or ultimately surgical correction of their scoliosis.

What advice do you have for parents with a child newly diagnosed with scoliosis?

The diagnosis of scoliosis is fairly common in the pediatric population. The most common cause of scoliosis is idiopathic, which means that the patient is overall healthy but happens to also have scoliosis. This means that as they were growing, their spine may have grown slightly curved instead of straight. The good news is that there are multiple non-surgical and surgical treatment options for scoliosis. The type of treatment pursued depends on the magnitude of the curve as well as the skeletal maturity of the patient. From observation, bracing or even surgery, my duty as a physician is to provide all the information available so that we can make the best informed decision together for the treatment of your child.

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