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See what our patients have to say about their experiences at Twin Cities Spine Center.

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Meet the Provider Video - Dr. Amir A. Mehbod

Get to know spine surgeon Dr. Amir A. Mehbod. In his video Dr. Mehbod states, "Being a doctor isn't just about treating someone's pain by looking at their MRI scan. It's about treating the whole human being - getting to know them - educating them about their options - and coming to a decision together about the best course of action."

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Text Neck: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Do you spend a lot of time hunched over your cell phone or tablet? If you are feeling neck pain, you may be experiencing Text Neck. Physician Assistant Cate Pandiscio explains the causes and symptoms of Text Neck, and offers suggestions of what you can do to prevent developing this condition.

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Safely Incorporating Weightlifting for Core Strength

Building a strong core will support your spine and will help reduce the severity and frequency of back pain episodes. Physician Assistant Martha Magnuson shares some weightlifting techniques to help you safely strengthen your core!

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Meet the Provider Video - Dr. Joseph H. Perra

Get to know spine surgeon Dr. Joseph H. Perra. In his video Dr. Perra shares, "I discovered my interest in medicine during college, but I knew my calling was the spine when I did a scoliosis surgery during my residency. I was inspired by the immediate gratification of aligning the spine and changing someone's life for the better."

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