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See what our patients have to say about their experiences at Twin Cities Spine Center.

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Don't let holiday shopping be backbreaking

It's a well-known fact that holiday shopping can be hard on your wallet. But it's less well known, perhaps, that it can also be hard on your back. Read on to learn a few simple tips that can help save your spine.

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Tianna's Spine Story

In her story Tianna shares, "I credit TC Spine with my happier outlook because I’m finally now pain free! I can’t believe I lived with that much pain for so long and thought it was "normal."

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The Importance of Posture, Balance and Flexibility

Good posture, balance and flexibility are very important to focus on as we age. Follow these suggestions to retain your stability and range of motion so you can enjoy better mobility and a healthier life.

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Strengthening Exercises for Hockey Players

Ice hockey helps strengthen all areas of the body, but the focus is truly the legs and the core. It’s important to have a strong core to help support your spine. This blog will go through some common ice hockey exercises that you can use to help bring your game to the next level, and ultimately help to keep your back free from injury.

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