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Strengthening Exercises for Hockey Players

Ice hockey helps strengthen all areas of the body, but the focus is truly the legs and the core. It’s important to have a strong core to help support your spine. This blog will go through some common ice hockey exercises that you can use to help bring your game to the next level, and ultimately help to keep your back free from injury.

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Meet the Provider Video - Dr. Eduardo C. Beauchamp

Get to know spine surgeon Dr. Eduardo C. Beauchamp. Dr. Beauchamp shares, "No matter the age, it’s important to build trust. I understand this can be scary. But we’re a team. I’m here to provide the information you need to make the best decisions for your health."

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How to Sleep Better with Back Pain

Quality sleep can help prevent or reduce back pain, and knowing what to do to help improve sleep when you have back problems can help cope with pain, recovery and healing. Nurse Practitioner Aimee LaMere shares some great tips for a better night's sleep!

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Meet the Provider Video - Dr. Amir A. Mehbod

Get to know spine surgeon Dr. Amir A. Mehbod. In his video Dr. Mehbod states, "Being a doctor isn't just about treating someone's pain by looking at their MRI scan. It's about treating the whole human being - getting to know them - educating them about their options - and coming to a decision together about the best course of action."

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