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How to Manage Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can make the ordinary tasks of daily living extraordinarily difficult. It can take away your ability to work, enjoy life and be active. It's a problem that can overwhelm your life, causing fatigue, anxiety and depression. But there are steps you can take to manage chronic pain.

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How Smoking Harms your Bones

Smoking can weaken your spine and raise your risk for fractures and broken bones. Quitting can help protect your spine and your overall health!

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Back Stretches to Add to Your Daily Routine

Back pain is a common health concern and often times our daily routine can lead to a backache. Adding a daily back stretching routine can be beneficial to your spine and your overall health. These six stretches could be added to any part of your day to improve flexibility, relieve tension, and help to build strength.

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Don't let holiday shopping be backbreaking

It's a well-known fact that holiday shopping can be hard on your wallet. But it's less well known, perhaps, that it can also be hard on your back. Read on to learn a few simple tips that can help save your spine.

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