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Patient Testimonials

See what our patients have to say about their experiences at Twin Cities Spine Center.

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Meet the Provider Video - Dr. Kevin J. Mullaney

Dr. Mullaney states, "We treat you as an individual, not just an x-ray or MRI image. We care about you and do everything we can to put you on the road to recovery. And we do that together. I was raised to be straightforward, so you'll always hear the truth. Whether or not you need surgery, I want you to understand all of your options."

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Meet the Provider Video - Dr. Bayard C. Carlson

Dr. Carlson states, "I want you to be fully educated about this process. I will take the time to sit down to answer questions and go over images so you understand what I am thinking and why - with honesty and transparency. We're in this together."

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Meet the Provider Video - Dr. Manuel R. Pinto

Get to know spine surgeon Dr. Manuel R. Pinto. Dr. Pinto states, "I always knew I wanted to be a doctor and I never thought about being anything else. I love helping people."

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How to Improve Your Balance

Balance is something that we don’t often realize we have until we lose it. We have some tips for maintaining your muscles and joints as they play an important role at keeping us all upright and moving.

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