"Thank you for giving me my life back. I am now able to live as I never thought possible... free of pain."

—Ellen Swift, patient


Orthopaedic Surgery and Surgeons in the News 

Past news reports have raised questions about the effectiveness of spinal fusion procedures and whether they are recommended for the right reasons. These are legitimate questions, ones we address every day and are the questions every patient should ask. Some of the media coverage we have seen recently, however, paints an inaccurate and one-sided view of those questions, so much so that we feel it is important to share our perspective on these matters. Here and at various pages throughout our web site, you’ll find some background about orthopaedic surgery, about us and about the work we do and our relationships with our patients, the medical community and the medical device industry.

A good place to start is with our physicians. The biographies of our physicians reflect a group of surgeons who are recognized as among the best in their field and who have decades of experience in performing complex surgeries that are life-saving and life-changing. More than accomplished surgeons, however, these physicians are also among the profession's most insightful and innovative researchers, teachers and practitioners.

Next, examine our commitment to patient care. Here, you’ll find the results of our most recent patient satisfaction survey and information about our financial disclosure regarding the work we do with manufacturers and other health care organizations. We’re proud of this work.

Collaboration between physicians and these companies is vital in advancing the practice of spinal surgery. The development and use of medical devices requires an intimate understanding of how they work in a human body. Physicians help develop these devices by conceiving new approaches to the problems, by identifying improvements to existing technology and by envisioning new uses for existing devices. They educate other physicians on how to use these devices safely and how to maximize their outcomes. Several of the physicians at Twin Cities Spine Center have established these sorts of relationships within the industry and have, as a result, been in the forefront of some important advances in spinal care and treatment.

For those patients for whom surgery is appropriate, these advances have dramatically improved the benefits that such procedures can provide. While no procedure is perfect or without risk, many of our spine surgery patients have regained functionality, reduced pain and improved their quality of life. Our evidence for this is reflected in our experience as surgeons and physicians, in the patient surveys we conduct each year and in scientific research we and others in the field have performed. Some of this research is available here if you want more information about outcomes and improvements.

Finally, we know that you may have additional questions about these issues and how they may relate to your care or the care of a loved one. To address these questions, we have posted an extensive list of the most frequently asked questions we receive from patients, physicians, family members and others. We’re also available to you to answer any questions or concerns. Please contact us at info@tcspine.com and we’ll get back in touch as quickly as possible.

Thank you.