DR. John H. Moe Exhibit

Twin Cities Spine Center (TCSC) is a specialized practice devoted to patient care, education, and research. Internationally recognized for excellence in orthopedic spinal surgery, TCSC is dedicated to the comprehensive management of spinal diseases, deformities, and disorders, focusing on the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. TCSC is also a leading international research and educational institution.

Twin Cities Spine Center is one of the outgrowths of the pioneering work of John H. Moe, MD — widely regarded as the founder of modern scoliosis research and treatment. In the 1940s, Dr. Moe helped create one of the first dedicated inpatient hospital spine units in the world. His work led to the development of the Scoliosis Research Society, with the first annual meetings held in Minneapolis in 1966 and 1967, as well as the first comprehensive textbook on spinal deformities.

In the 1980s, Dr. Moe's center evolved into two highly acclaimed spinal practices — the Minnesota Spine Center and the Twin Cities Scoliosis Spine Center. These two separate practices joined forces in April 1998 to form the Twin Cities Spine Center, headquartered on the campus of Abbott Northwestern Hospital. In recent years, TCSC has emerged as one of the pre-eminent practices in the world. It now consists of ten surgeons and over 90 professional and support staff, including a full research department. All staff surgeons are highly trained specialists, devoting their medical practice exclusively to spinal conditions. TCSC offers a complete array of spinal management resources, including outpatient evaluation and individualized treatment, and 24 hour on-call consultations.

Although the majority of patients who come to TCSC are from the immediate five-state area, many come from across the nation and around the world. Over 6,000 new patients are seen annually at either the main clinic in the Piper Building of Abbott Northwestern Hospital or at satellite clinics in Minnesota. The surgeons operate on more than 2,800 patients per year, with surgery being conducted at most of the major metropolitan hospitals, including Abbott Northwestern, Methodist, Fairview Ridges, Fairview Riverside, United, Children's Healthcare of Minneapolis, and Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare.

TCSC is one of the largest spine centers in the world. The broad base of experience allows for comprehensive care for a large, variable patient population. Surgeons at TCSC utilize a combination of well-established and new, cutting-edge techniques, resulting in a broader spectrum of patient care options and high quality treatment.